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Friday Nooner: Look No Further, It’s Givebacks CEO Will Bowen
Posted Friday
tl;dr - This week's episode of The Friday Nooner is sponsored by Whitley Recruiting and talks about the difference between farther and further. - They welcomed a guest named Will Bowen who runs a company called Givebacks that helps schools and nonprofits raise money. - You can watch the full episode on LinkedIn, Facebook, or YouTube. - If you prefer listening, you can also subscribe to their podcast.
Upswing Offers Virtual Assistance For Nontraditional College Students
Posted Thursday
tl;dr - Melvin Hines wanted to help students who didn't have a lot of resources to succeed in college. - He started a company called Upswing that connects students to helpful services like tutoring and mental health support. - Upswing is especially focused on helping students who may not be traditional college students, like adults or first-generation students. - The company has helped a lot of students and even helped some colleges have better grades for their students.
In The Soup: Best Ways To Combat Founder Burnout
Posted Wednesday
tl;dr • April is Stress Awareness Month • In The Soup podcast is talking about how to handle being tired and stressed as a business owner • They have guests who are also business owners and they will share their tips for dealing with burnout • You can listen to the podcast to learn more!
Reffo Will Connect Hungry Diners To Restaurants That Are Ready For Them
Posted April 16, 2024
tl;dr - A couple in Raleigh noticed that single people use dating apps to find matches, but people who are hungry have to use many different apps to find deals on food. - The couple created a new app called Reffo to help hungry people find deals on food all in one place. - Restaurants can put their deals on Reffo and people can pay a deposit to get the deal, which helps restaurants reduce food waste and make more money. - Reffo will also expand to help other businesses in the future, and they are trying to get funding to make their app better.
Academic Insight Lab Bringing “Moxie” To Grad Students, Post-Docs
Posted April 16, 2024
tl;dr - A lady named Jessica Parker has a company that helps people with their school work. - She thinks Dolly Parton represents her company well because she has a good personality and is full of energy. - The company uses technology to help people with their research and writing for school. - They want to make sure people know how to use the technology and they also help students who are struggling.
Friday Nooner: What’s In A Name With IDEA Fund’s Zakiya Alta Lee-Hill
Posted April 12, 2024
tl;dr - This week was really busy for tech startups in the Triangle area. - There was a special event called Raleigh-Durham Startup Week that lasted for 4 days. - A lot of people came to a party on the first day and there was a cool guest speaker named Zakiya Alta Lee-Hill. - You can watch the whole episode on the internet if you want to learn more!
“Remove Fear Of Climate Change:” EnvAns Aims To Inform About Sustainability
Posted April 11, 2024
tl;dr - Tiana Elame is a student at Duke University who is starting a company called EnvAns to help people make their homes more environmentally friendly. - EnvAns will be like a Google search for eco-friendly products and services, and it will also help businesses promote their sustainable products. - Tiana and her team will be pitching their company at an event where they could win money to help their business grow. - EnvAns wants to make it easier for people to make their homes more environmentally friendly by providing information and recommendations for sustainable products.
GrepBeat Teams With Raleigh-Durham Startup Week For Extra-Happy Hour
Posted April 10, 2024
tl;dr - GrepBeat and RDSW hosted a fun Happy Hour on Tuesday - Lots of people came and got a free drink thanks to Dualboot Partners - This is the third year they have worked together and more people come each year - RDSW is happening all week, with events in Durham and Raleigh. You can find the schedule online.
In The Soup: How To Manage Both Businesses And Babies
Posted April 10, 2024
tl;dr - April is Stress Awareness Month - Jenn and Melissa talk to startup founders about managing stress - This week, they talk to Akash and Lucy about balancing their businesses with having a baby - They give tips on how to manage both your business and your baby
Kahana Helps Digital Creators Monetize Content, Avoid Digital Piracy
Posted April 9, 2024
tl;dr - Jonathan and Adam became best friends in college and now run a company together. - Their company, called Kahana, helps people who make digital content protect their work and make money from it. - Kahana has different payment options for creators to use their platform, and it stops people from stealing their work. - Kahana has famous clients like a football player and a YouTuber, and they are working on raising more money to grow their company.